TikTok Shop officially launched the Shopping Center features

March 21, 2023 - 8:06 pm

TikTok has just officially launched the Shopping Center feature – a shopping solution to bring diversity and ease in users’ product selection, while helping sellers optimize management. order management on TikTok Shop.

Displayed on the “Shop” bar, the feature will provide a more convenient online shopping experience for all users of the TikTok ecosystem while enjoying interesting and entertaining video content on the same platform.

Let’s explore the shopping center feature with Smartcom Agency right away.

TikTok Shop’s newest e-commerce feature

At TikTok Shop Shopping Mall, streamlining the buying process has created a convenient and easy shopping experience for users as all related shopping activities are directly accessed on the same page. tabs. On this bar, users can view orders, carts, shopping history, message with sellers, set up shipping addresses and payment methods.

Featured products will be searched quickly thanks to the clear division of each category such as beauty, fashion, electronics,… At the top of the page, Flash Sale will be displayed with a countdown time. Users quickly grasp information about products that are being discounted.

For new users, the Shopping Center feature acts as a hub, making it easy for them to discover promotions and a wide range of products suggested by sales on the TikTok Shop. The TikTok Shop feature promises to be a stepping stone to encourage the natural search and research process of products from users, thereby increasing order conversion rates and creating consumer demand for products. new product.

Brands, sellers and content creators in Vietnam can take advantage of this feature to enhance the shopping experience at TikTok Shop. With the increasing demand for shopping, businesses that are small or have not yet completed the content development stage have more opportunities to engage with the community, increase searchability and further expand their files potential customers with low operating costs. Centralized shopping scenarios provide a variety of resources that help increase traffic and free exposure during the showcase phase.

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Source: TikTok.


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