Top 5 reasons why corporations should choose short videos for media booking campaigns in 2024

April 2, 2024 - 3:01 pm

Numerous large corporations have chosen the short videos for their media booking campaigns in 2024. With a vast user base, short videos such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok have experienced rapid growth. Figures show that there are currently more than 1 billion active users on TikTok per month, 500 million users on Instagram Reels, and 1.5 billion users on YouTube Shorts.

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Popularity of short videos on different platforms. Source: CafeBiz

Huge potential awaits exploration.

Businesses now have an additional avenue to expand their customer base and increase revenue, aside from utilizing advertisements, thanks to the rise of short videos. These one offer businesses a range of targeted advertising options for media booking

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Source: Dan Viet

5 reasons why businesses should choose short videos for media booking campaigns in 2024

  1.  The number of users is immense and growing rapidly:

TikTok currently stands as the most widely used platform for short videos, boasting over 1 billion active monthly users, with plans for further expansion. Notably, this figure is significantly higher (49.9 million users) in Vietnam. Businesses have a remarkable opportunity to effectively reach a vast target audience, courtesy of this substantial user base.

Furthermore, TikTok’s explosive growth underscores the platform’s immense potential, providing businesses with the opportunity to expand their clientele and grow alongside the platform.

  1.  High ability to attract people’s attention:

TikTok excels in capturing people’s attention through creative content and concise, visually appealing videos. Research indicates that TikTok users spend an average of 45,8 minutes per day watching videos on the platform..

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Average time users spend on social media platforms in 2022. Source: eMarketer.

Businesses derive numerous advantages from this strong attention-grabbing ability, including:

  • Boosting brand awareness: Introducing products and brands through TikTok advertising videos enables businesses to reach a wider audience.

  • Attracting prospective clients: Captivating advertising films have the potential to draw in prospective clients and educate them about the goods and services offered by the company.

  • Increasing conversion rates: Promotional videos can persuade prospective clients to purchase the company’s goods or services, thereby boosting conversion rates.

For instances, Biti’s Hunter’s “#Bao” campaign garnered over a million views, making a significant impact on TikTok. Similarly, Shoppe’s “Hello Summer” campaign on Facebook Reels attracted millions of participants with fun and attractive promotional videos.

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Bitis Hunter’s “#Bao” campaign. Source: Bitis.


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Shoppe’s “Hello Summer” campaign attracted nearly 9 million views on Facebook.
  1.  High interactivity

TikTok encourages viewers to engage with content through actions such as likes, comments, and shares. Short videos offer several features that contribute to higher engagement compared to long videos:

  • Accessibility and shareability: Short videos are easy to view and share, allowing users to consume content quickly without investing significant time. This accessibility encourages more views and shares among users.

  • Creative diversity: Short videos foster the creation of original and engaging content, catering to a wide range of interests. The diverse range of content attracts a broader audience, increasing engagement.

  • Smart recommendation systems: TikTok utilizes intelligent recommendation algorithms to display relevant content tailored to user interests. This personalized approach enhances user engagement by presenting videos that are more likely to be watched and interacted with.

  • Active community: Short videos boast vibrant and active user communities that regularly share and discuss videos. This community engagement further drives interaction and participation among users.

The high level of interactivity offered by short videos make them a compelling choice for businesses seeking to enhance their media booking campaigns in 2024..

  1.  Affordability

For a single media booking campaign, advertising on short videos offer greater affordability and accessibility compared to traditional media channels such as TV, newspapers, and outdoor advertising. Several reasons contribute to this:

  • Diverse advertising options: Short videos provide various advertising formats, including livestreams, hashtag challenges, and in-feed videos, catering to different advertising needs and preferences.

  • Precise audience targeting: Short videos allow advertisers to target specific audience segments based on factors such as age, gender, location, interests, and behavior. This precise targeting maximizes impact and minimizes advertising expenses by ensuring ads reach the most relevant audience.

  • Comprehensive metrics: Short videos offer detailed metrics such as views, engagement, clicks, conversion rates, etc., enabling advertisers to accurately measure the effectiveness of their campaigns. These metrics facilitate quick and effective campaign customization, ensuring optimal performance and ROI.

  1. Diverse forms of advertising

Some popular types of media booking on short video platforms include:

  • In-feed video: These are video ads displayed within the user’s video stream, aiming to reach a wide audience and capture viewers’ attention effectively.

  • Hashtag challenge: Advertisers create challenges using specific hashtags and invite users to participate. This type of ad has a broad impact and is effective in increasing brand awareness.

  • Live Streaming: This involves live advertising where companies directly engage with clients, showcasing visually striking product and service introductions. It offers a dynamic way to interact with the audience in real-time.

  • TopView advertising: This form of advertising appears prominently when users open the application, making a strong initial impression. It is particularly effective in reaching the target audience and maximizing brand visibility.

  • Brand Takeover advertising is a highly impactful form of advertising that occupies the entire screen when users open the application. This type effectively captures viewers’ attention and enhances brand awareness.

Furthermore, short videos offer a range of tools to support businesses in creating and managing effective advertising campaigns, including:

  • Campaign management tools: These tools assist companies in planning, monitoring, and optimizing the impact of their advertising campaigns.

  • Targeting tools: Short video platforms provide tools to help businesses target specific audiences with their advertisements, ensuring campaigns reach the most relevant viewers. 

  • Measurement tools: Robust measurement tools enable companies to track the success of their advertising efforts and make necessary adjustments to optimize campaign performance.

Given these advantages, utilizing short videos for media booking campaigns in 2024 is a prudent decision for businesses.

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