What is an advertising agency? Discover the benefits of selecting an agency to manage your ad campaigns.

November 17, 2023 - 11:10 am

When people hear about advertising agency, many are uncertain about how these agencies operate. How does it all work? This article will provide an overview of advertising agency and explore the advantages of partnering with one for your advertising campaigns. Let’s dive into the world of advertising with Smartcom.

1. What’s an advertising agency?

Day by day, we’re exposed to a multitude of advertising campaigns, whether on the streets or across various social media platforms. However, we often remain unaware of the creators behind these advertisements. Typically, companies turn to advertising agency for assistance when they lack the necessary human resources or expertise in this field. These agencies specialize in marketing and offer their promotional services to numerous other companies.

Advertising agency
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After receiving a client’s brief, an advertising agency crafts efficient, demand-driven communication solutions. This encompasses ideation, planning, and executing advertising campaigns tailored to your objectives, needs, and, crucially, your budget

There are many advertising agency operating in different industries to meet the diverse needs of clients such as:

  • Media agency

  • Marketing agency

  • Digital agency

  • Event agency

  • Creative agency

There will also be “all-in” agencies – taking all the different aspects of advertising. 

2. Types of advertising agency

An advertising agency can be divided into several types, which include:

  • Above The Line (ALT) 

Above The Line is an advertising agency that specializes in creating and managing advertising campaigns targeting a broad audience. Each strategy developed by Above The Line may require a significant portion of the client’s budget.

  • Below The Line (BTL)

In the digital era, Below The Line (BTL) doesn’t always receive substantial budgetary support, but it continues to play a crucial role in the overall communication strategy. To produce impactful advertising materials, agencies specializing in ATL advertising must directly handle and categorize various types, including regional advertising, text ads, copy, and banner ads across different media.

  • Through The Line (TTL)

Among the three types of advertising agencies, Through The Line (TTL) is perhaps the most popular and represents a harmonious combination of BTL and ATL approaches. TTL agencies are currently highly sought after in the advertising industry.

3. Communication methods of the advertising agency

Advertising agency
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  • TVC

TVC is an abbreviation for Television Commercial, which refers to a form of visual advertising, specifically television advertising. TVC ads typically have durations of 6 seconds, 15 seconds, 30 seconds, or longer. To secure prime time slots, brands often invest heavily in advertising costs. As television remains a major source of entertainment, TVC is widely recognized as one of the most popular and effective forms of advertising.

In the present era, TVC has evolved into a new branch, known as iTVC – advertising clips that appear on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and other social media outlets, attracting a large and diverse audience.

  • Print Ad

Print Ads are a form of advertising in print media. When reading a newspaper or magazine, you’ll frequently encounter print ads featuring images and text to convey the brand’s message. These ads typically emphasize either visuals or text, depending on the creative ideas of the advertising company

  • Outdoor advertising

Outdoor advertising, often abbreviated as OOH (Out Of Home), is a highly popular form of advertising in Vietnam. It is known for its effectiveness in boosting brand awareness while offering cost-effective communication. OOH advertising takes various forms, including buses, bus stations, taxis, billboards, and more. Large companies and corporations frequently prioritize and select OOH methods for their campaigns.

  • Content Marketing

This is a form of content marketing that involves creating product-related content designed to engage and excite consumers. Popular forms of content marketing today include news, digital content (such as images and videos), infographics, and case studies.

4. Reasons to Collaborate with an Advertising Agency for Your Media Campaigns

After a thorough analysis of the services offered by advertising agency, Smartcom will highlight several key benefits that customers can enjoy when choosing reputable advertising agencies for their services

  • Professional Services:

Advertising agency possess the expertise to optimize your marketing campaigns, turning them into real revenue for your business. Their professional skills ensure the success of your advertising efforts.

  • Experienced Workforce:

Most individuals working at advertising agency have high qualifications and extensive experience in handling various tasks and challenges. This wealth of practical experience enhances the completeness and effectiveness of your business’s advertising initiatives.

  • Cost Savings:

When businesses attempt to manage advertising on their own, they often need to experiment with different campaign types and strategies to find the most effective solutions. Advertising agency specialize in this field, allowing them to save businesses money by efficiently optimizing advertising campaigns and reducing the need for costly testing.

  • Market Analysis and Efficiency:

Reputable advertising agency employ modern tools to analyze the market, reducing the workload for your in-house employees and improving overall efficiency. They also stay up-to-date with the latest marketing trends, which can elevate your business to new heights.

By working with a trusted advertising agency, businesses can benefit from the expertise, experience, and efficiency that these agencies bring to the table.

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