7 “golden rules” in advertising at supermarkets

April 20, 2023 - 7:48 pm

The story of advertising and marketing at the supermarket has always been a conundrum for advertising communicators. So what needs to be done to implement the most successful and impressive supermarket communication project?

Until now, when it comes to effective communication solutions and promotion of products, services and brands, we cannot help but think of advertising channels at supermarkets. However, advertising in supermarkets does not always optimize profits for businesses compared to the time and budget spent. And to be able to successfully deploy a campaign, in this article, there are 7 immutable principles for readers and businesses to refer to. Let’s see the article below with Smartcom Agency!

Why should advertising in supermarkets?

In Vietnam, a large part of consumers are forming the habit of going to the supermarket to shop 2 to 3 times, even every day of the week. Especially in big cities, where there is a network of supermarkets and trade centers, accounting for more than 50% of the number of customers going shopping and entertainment. Currently, the supermarket system of big brands is constantly being built and is constantly being improved in terms of scale and quality. Large and famous commercial centers such as Vinmart, Lotte Mart, Vincom, Big C, Aeon Mall, Co.opmart… can serve nearly hundreds of thousands of customers every day.

Realizing the advantages and outstanding potential, advertising at supermarkets has been exploited by advertising media and has become as popular as it is now. Advertising in supermarkets is a form in which advertising publications of businesses are placed inside or outside supermarkets to promote brand products and services to customers. Supermarkets are a very good branding channel for brands belonging to many different product groups. The advertising channel at the supermarket not only reaches more people but also reaches the right audience, at the right time, in the right place.

There are many businesses that have grasped the secret of advertising and marketing to deploy advertising campaigns in supermarkets. With these principles have helped businesses create a surge in sales and rankings. So what are those “golden rules”? Let’s find out together below.

7 principles in advertising at supermarket

1. Determine the appropriate form and position of advertising in the supermarket

Supermarket advertising includes many different forms with different characteristics. Ad placement is also an important factor determining the success of an advertising campaign at the supermarket. It should be based on the group of potential customers that your business is targeting and the budget. Combining multiple forms of advertising at the same time is also a good idea to help the project achieve the highest efficiency.
– Large billboard advertising (Pano, Billboard): The ad will be located right in the front position, attracting both customers to the supermarket and outside traffic.
– LED, LCD, Frame screens: Businesses that want to show images or TVC ads with high frequency to attract and attract higher attention from shoppers cannot ignore this form of advertising.
– Advertising on carts, shopping carts: Designed on the front of the shopping cart, both helping customers push the cart to see, and attracting the attention of people moving around.
– POSM advertising: Appear in many formats (sales booth, standee, brochures, product display shelves, …). Eye-catching design and colors make it impossible for consumers to see.
– Advertising on escalators: Sticking advertising decals on escalators, they are designed in the form of open space, so they are very eye-catching.
– Advertising at the welcome gate, the magnetic gate: The door is installed in a long line system, the advertising image will be printed on the decal and pasted on both sides of the door. In this position, users will have a long exposure time to ads while waiting for payment

2. Choose an advertising location

Of course, when choosing an advertising location, you must clearly visualize your customer’s portrait in which area and how much you want the success of the campaign to reach. Useful advice is to choose big supermarkets and trade centers in the market such as Vincom, Co.op Mart, Aeon Mall, Lotte Mart, Big C, Family Mart, Win Mart, Top Market… Because these are all places with a large number of visitors to shopping and entertainment. The advertising value here both helps to optimize costs and bring unexpected effects to the advertising campaign.
Besides, businesses should deploy advertising in supermarkets in big cities such as Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang… Most ordinary people in big cities have the habit and need to shop at supermarkets. market, thereby helping to achieve a much more positive communication effect.

3. Design advertising content

Whether the ad is attractive or not, enough to attract customers or not depends a lot on the design of the ad. In particular, it is necessary to pay attention to the size and layout of the ad clearly and appropriately. Especially design advertising messages that are easy to understand, do not cram too much information that makes it difficult for viewers to remember. And if your ad has a harmonious, aesthetic color combination that conveys the main color of the brand well, it will be a big plus to increase brand recognition.

4. Attract new customers and engage with loyal customers

This is one of the immutable principles in the marketing and advertising industry. Attracting more new customers will help increase revenue for the brand, and loyal customers will ensure stable revenue of the business. A great customer program will help your business create customer segments, optimize advertising goals. Putting new customer experience strategies and loyalty programs together is a very natural way to expand your market. Doing business and strengthening relationships with customers will increase engagement and at the same time help attract more new customers for you.

5. Comply with the regulations at the supermarket

Advertising in supermarkets must comply with the regulations in supermarkets and not violate the Advertising Law. All forms of advertising in supermarkets must comply with regulations and planning at supermarkets and do not violate the Law on Advertising. Avoid violations so that the campaign is not postponed or stopped.

6. Troubleshooting during project implementation

Problems during project implementation are something that no one wants to happen. But preparing a plan in advance for all cases will help your advertising project easily achieve success. This also helps to resolve situations quickly and minimize unwanted effects. During the advertising process, you also need to conduct testing, monitoring and have the results of acceptance at the end of the campaign.

7. Choose a reputable and quality advertising service provider

Businesses need to find and cooperate with a professional and reputable agency that provides advertising services in supermarkets. Should choose a unit that has many years of experience in the advertising industry to accompany throughout the project. Because an advertising campaign needs to go through many stages, especially the stage of applying for a license to advertise at the supermarket.

Supermarket advertising is undeniably a great way to reach a large audience in a short amount of time. But like anything else, it’s important for businesses to decide on the right advertising plan by understanding the principles outlined above.

Hopefully the information that Smartcom Agency provides above can help you gain more useful marketing knowledge. Don’t forget to visit Smartcom’s website for weekly updates

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